Month: February 2018

Custom Framing of Joan Miro Original Etching

Posted February 19, 2018

Upon Arrival

A client recently brought in this multi-plate color etching by Joan Miró for restoration and custom framing. The artwork has been returned to stable condition through the removal of mold and stains, as well as the strengthening of the weakened paper fibers.

before custom framing
Before custom framing


Custom Framing

Following the restoration, we gave the etching a new archival Crescent Cardboard mat and a hand-gilded Larson-Juhl moulding from the L7 collection, inspired by Le Corbusier. This moulding is elegant but simple enough not to distract from the artwork. Properly restored, this superb example of an uncommon printmaking technique will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

after custom framing
After custom framing


Etching is an antiquated printing process initially used as a means of commercial reproduction. The process involves exposing a metal plate to acid and etching lines into the plate that will hold ink. After inking the plate, it runs through a printing press. Etchings like this one are particularly labor intensive because each color requires a separate plate.

Our Commitment

As a custom framing shop, we appreciate the level of care and attention to detail that went into the creation of this fine art print. We make it our business to treat your artwork with that same level of care. We also recognize the importance of using archival materials and reversible methods in order to preserve your art in the best possible condition. Our team pays close attention to the construction of our frames to ensure that the corners align perfectly and the finish is even and consistent. Each completed piece goes through multiple quality checks guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.