Digital Printing Services

Posted November 21, 2015


Hope you have checked out the brand new website. Take a look at our expanded services and previous projects in our Framefolio!

We have recently added a new service to our repertoire – digital printing! You can now bring in images to be printed on matte photo paper, luster photo paper, cotton rag or canvas. Digital printing allows full customization art options for designers and art enthusiasts alike! We can accept files from a physical format or through email. We are able to print up to 44″ wide if you want to make a big statement.

We strongly recommend you make an appointment with a printing specialist to talk about your project. We will discuss things like selecting a substrate and what sizes would be suitable for your project. We can also go over getting your files print ready if needed.

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A Dancer’s Dilemma

Posted March 19, 2015

Peterson Picture Co. services not only retail customers but also boutique galleries throughout Chicago. We provide them with beautiful, custom frames with appropriate hanging and installation hardware for an effortlessly classic look in any exhibition.

Recently, Chelsea Culp, a Chicago based artist and curator of New Capital Projects, brought in Untitled (Isadora Duncan) by Abraham Walkowitz for framing. Chelsea wanted a hanging system (the hardware needed to hang artwork on walls) that would be easy to remove yet secure enough to allow multitudes of people to through without disturbing the artwork. Chelsea also requested that the artwork be installed in a way that there would be no gaps and the moulding would be seamless with the wall.


Artwork that is hung up with a wire system can be susceptible to imbalances of the artwork and turbulence from people walking past the artwork. This is in part due to the wire system creating a gap between the artwork and the wall where the wire lays. While appropriate installation and secure design placement can minimize these effects, they cannot always be considered in a gallery setting which accommodates the movement of many people through the space.


We installed a special “Cradle Hanging System” onto Walkowitz’s work for a gapless installation in the gallery and added security. The Cradle Hanging System uses two fasteners on either side of the back of the artwork that latches into two hooks that have been screwed into the wall.

You can see the fasteners on the left and right side of this artwork in the above photo. We take extra care to make sure that the fasteners and hooks on the wall perfectly align with one another and with the artwork to ensure a level presentation. The artwork easily slips on and off of the hooks on the wall with no gaps between the artwork and the wall.

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From the exhibition catalog:
Abraham Walkowitz (b. 1878)

Untitled (Isadora Duncan)

Watercolor and ink on paper – 1906


In his early childhood Abraham Walkowitz immigrated from Siberia to the United States.

He studied at the National Academy of Design in New York City, and later drifted around the avant-garde circles of photographer Alfred Stieglitz and his 291 Gallery. Although his abstract paintings never reached the acclaim of his peers (Arthur Dove and Max Weber), his series of life sketches of the experimental modern dancer Isadora Duncan have been widely celebrated.


Having first met Duncan in the studio of Auguste Rodin, Walkowitz went on to produce approximately 5,000 drawings of her dancing in her studio between 1906 and 1913. These works celebrate Duncan’s philosophy of breaking with the past and being responsive to the present moment. In the early 1900s she was the cultural icon of the buzzed about New Woman and an obvious muse. Most of these concentrated works are now in the collections of major museums.


The existence of these works speak not only to Duncan and Walkowitz’s philosophical affinities, but to the cultural circles that organized because of place, location, and new urban density—a lifestyle increasingly unfamiliar to our digital lives.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted January 14, 2015

Ah yes, the sweetest time of year at Peterson Picture Co. It’s wonderful that we have an endearing holiday in the middle of our coldest months to keep us warm! Get a head start on Valentine’s Day gift giving today! To help you get started, we have put together a few gift ideas for your sweetheart.

1. Custom Artwork Framing

You can bring in any photo to Peterson Picture Co. and we can work with you to find a suitable presentation! You can bring in a photograph for conservation and framing or you can bring in a photo to be enlarged by our professional image printing service. Perhaps a stretched canvas print of you and your loved one would make a graphic display of love? Maybe you have some vintage photographs of your parents wedding day that you would like to be preserved? Either way, bring in your imagery and we can talk about methods!

2. Shadoxbox Presentation

Shadowboxes are a great way to preserve materials that are not on paper. They are constructed with three sides of finished wood and a glass top so that you can see into the tableau. Maybe you have a small collection of memorabilia from throughout your relationship that you want preserved. You can bring in flowers from your first date, ticket stubs, heirloom jewelry, figurines, just about anything! And when you come in for a custom made shadowbox, it will be built to fit whatever your treasure you beloved has given you. Come in today and we can build your vignette!

3. Chicago Art Prints

Maybe you and your pal haven’t been dating that long but you still want to get them something meaningful. We have a selection of professionally framed art prints of historic Chicago landmarks and vintage maps that would make ideal Valentine’s day presents for the architecture or history buff or for someone looking for a little Chicago love in their abode! Come in and check them out!

Visit us today and we can make this your most treasured Valentine’s Day yet! Mention this blog post and receive 10% off any custom art project that you bring in (exp 2/14/15)