Custom Frame Packaging

Why go with a custom local frame shop versus an online company?

You may be weighing your options for your next custom framing project. Online companies are tempting as the pricing is hard to resist. 

In choosing your next custom framer, we encourage you to reflect on a few key factors. We understand that time and money are driving factors in any decision, but being informed must also take precedence! Read below to better assess what path you should take in framing your valuable items: [Disclaimer: we’re totally biased, so we’re going to try to convince you to see things our way and choose your local custom framer!]

Are you comfortable with shipping your artwork?

Are you willing to ship your valuable art or artifact? Almost all online companies will require you ship your peice/object and your piece will endure some sort of transit. One of a kind objects deserve the most meticulous handling and by bringing your art to a custom frame shop(with a production facility on site), you can ensure your piece will be safe. 

Are you prepared to assemble a parts-only frame?

Some online companies will ship you the appropriate parts to assemble your own frame. You will have to ensure that your measurements are exact in order for this process to work smoothly. Bringing a piece of your work into a local custom shop ensures that professionals are taking exact measurements from the start, saving you time, materials and money in the long run.

How quickly do you need your completed frame?

Online companies often have a “one size fits all” model. If you place an order online, chances are low that you’ve talked to a company representative to personalize your order. By walking into a custom frame shop, you can speak with someone immediately and articulate your needs for your project. Local custom frame shops are much more adept at accommodating sensitive deadlines. This is exceptionally crucial if you’re trying to hit a deadline for a gallery opening or holiday gift.

Are you willing to forego all of the extras?

At a local custom frame shop, such as Peterson Picture, many additional services are at your disposal. We offer high quality printing, scanning, restoration and conservation services. Our staff is composed of highly trained seamstresses and woodworkers who are focused on solving custom framings’ most intricate challenges. Custom frame shops, such as Peterson Picture, also offer delivery and installation services for your oversized pieces. By accessing your local shop, you are saving yourself a lot of steps and stress!

Do you want a quick framing result or a mindful framing result?

By choosing your local custom frame shop, the individualization and personalization at your fingertips is infinite. You won’t be forced to choose from a compact selection of frames, you will be able to find a mat that is the correct hue and appropriate texture for your piece, you will have multiple options for choosing glazing(glass/plexi/etc) and you’ll have a team of experienced framers on deck to guide you through the entire process.

In summation, choose your local custom frame shop! Framing is more than an aesthetic. It should be a well thought out project managed by experienced framing professionals. Your art and artifacts deserve conscientious handling and the utmost care.