gallery wall

Framing Special Moments: Ideas for Creating a Gallery Wall in Your Office

Studies have shown that art in the workplace improves productivity and employee experience. Art, such as strategically designed gallery walls, can increase creativity, reduce workplace stress, and create a more positive work environment. Artwork can also affect clients that enter your space. It can help them humanize your brand, making it easier for them to […]

benefits of matting framed art for commercial businesses

Choosing the Best Matting for Your Commercial Frame: A Comprehensive Overview

Empty, undecorated commercial spaces can be dull, unmotivating, and a bit boring regardless of what industry you’re in. Still, many businesses benefit from making a strong first impression on customers, patients, and residents. Whether you run a hotel, healthcare or medical facility, corporate building, restaurant, or residential property, the right decor can make the place […]

selecting custom frame for healthcare facility

The Art of Choosing the Right Custom-Made Frame for a Healthcare Facility

One of the most important parts of running any type of healthcare facility is prioritizing the health and safety of staff, patients, and visitors. Whether you’re managing a hospital, medical office, clinic, behavioral health ward, dental clinic, or senior living residence, the focus is making your patients feel comfortable and cared for. Although this is […]

hotel art room

Exploring Different Custom Frame Styles: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Hotel Décor

Running a hotel takes a lot of work, and the devil is in the details—from hiring a full staff to choosing the linens. Although you’ve likely put some thought into your interior design, whether through strategic colors or room layouts, an often overlooked aspect of hotel décor is the frames used to house your artwork. […]

Picture Frames Hanging in Home

Indestructible Frames

At the end of last year, Peterson was tasked with a unique framing opportunity which allowed us to truly explore how multifarious custom framing can be. We were asked to custom frame artwork that virtually would not be able to be removed from a wall. Challenge accepted. This type of request is actually a lot […]

Framing setting the glass on a custom art frame

Choosing The Right Glazing [Plexi, Glass, Conservation Glaze]

By choosing a custom frame shop, you will have more options at your fingertips in terms of choosing the glazing that works best for your art, photos & memorabilia. The four main glazing options for you to choose from are Glass, Laminated Glass, Plexi and Conservation Glazing [Museum Glass]. Types of Glazing Below we will […]

Grand Ole Opry Picture Framing

Peterson Picture Company Provides Frames for the Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry/Ryman Auditorium team reached out to Peterson after finding out about our services via online research. They wanted to develop a program for their retail store to sell both framed and unframed (prints only) commemoration photos of the Grand Ole Opry. Working with the team at Opry, together we selected four images […]

Custom Frame Packaging

Why go with a local custom frame shop instead of an online company?

You may be weighing your options for your next custom framing project. Online companies are tempting as the pricing is hard to beat. In choosing your next custom framer, we encourage you to reflect on a few key factors. We understand that time and money are driving factors in any decision, but being informed must […]