benefits of matting framed art for commercial businesses

Choosing the Best Matting for Your Commercial Frame: A Comprehensive Overview

Empty, undecorated commercial spaces can be dull, unmotivating, and a bit boring regardless of what industry you’re in. Still, many businesses benefit from making a strong first impression on customers, patients, and residents. Whether you run a hotel, healthcare or medical facility, corporate building, restaurant, or residential property, the right decor can make the place pop. To help you succeed with the details of custom commercial framing, it’s important to understand the impact of frame matting and how it can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mat for Commercial Spaces

Matting that surrounds artwork does more than add to the aesthetics. It offers unique benefits that can enhance your art while keeping it safe. Some of the biggest advantages to choosing the right matting for your commercial frames include the following.

Custom Matting Protects Framed Art

matting protects artWhen you think of protecting art, indestructible glass frames are probably the first thing that comes to mind. But how do you protect the art from the inside out? Matting can offer a degree of protection that you may not have considered.

For one, it helps separate the art from the glazing, so the glass from the frame doesn’t sit directly against the print or painting. Instead, the mat creates a space between the art and the frame. While this space may not seem like an important facet of commercial framing, it allows for circulation that promotes an organic airflow between the art and the glass. This is especially important in high-humidity environments where the art may otherwise stick to the glass and get ruined. Double matting can be used to increase airflow even more in extreme settings.

Matting used for commercially framed art also provides spacing between the inside edges of the frame and the art itself. This provides another layer of protection against impurities from the frame. Without the separation the mat provides, the frame can rub against the art and cause damage, which can be detrimental to original art pieces.

Matting Aids in the Overall Form of Framed Commercial Art

While many people focus on the frame itself, the right mat can have just as big of an impact on the functionality of your commercial decor. Adding a pre-cut mat around your art or prints will inevitably create a larger frame piece. This can fill big spaces without relying on expensive or unnecessarily huge imagery. While you don’t want to draw attention away from the artwork itself, creating a larger display can complement your commercial space.

By adjusting the mat size based on the size of your artwork, you can also create a more uniform presentation of pieces of varying art sizes. This makes your art easy to display without having one piece dominate another. This technique is often used in gallery wall settings, where small artwork would likely not get the same attention as larger pieces. However, you should avoid excessively large matting that overpowers the print. Your custom framing professionals can help you choose a frame and a mat width that complements your decor.

Custom Mat Board and Overall Aesthetics

Custom matting can enhance commercial framing presentation by introducing various colors to your gallery. There are thousands of different matboard colors to choose from. This allows unique details in prints to be matched to a dominant color for matting, adding even more depth and beauty to the aesthetics.

Mats can also provide an overall flow and uniformity to an artist’s work on display in your commercial space, especially regarding photography. Choosing similar mattings or creating a uniform size throughout the display will bring the decor together and add an organic flow from the artwork to the frame. Picking similar accent mat colors so that artwork matches throughout your commercial facility is also a great way to create your brand image.

How to Choose the Best Matting for Commercial Framed Art

multiple window double matSelecting the right matting for each piece of art can be a process that requires artistic attention to detail. You’ll want to pick a color that doesn’t clash with the matted prints, find the ride border style, and determine the width that will work well with sizing. Some other things to consider include:

Focus on Industry Needs

The type of industry you’re in will play a big role in how you present your art. For example, a hospital might not want to use a thick top mat to highlight a framed display of important patient information. There’s no need to display certain elements artistically, but thin, one-inch mats can still provide functional benefits. On the contrary, you may want to present a modern look in your restaurant with lighter mats that are several inches thick.

Consider Your Aesthetics

Next, think about which colors will complement your artwork. A stark contrast can help your images pop. For example, using darker matting like gray or black with bold images draws the eye to the picture. On the contrary, dark images pair better with a lighter mat. If you’re unsure what combination to use, a professional custom framer can help you choose a mat color.

Find a High-Volume Framing Professional

Commercial spaces can have a lot of wall space to cover, so it’s important to find a supplier that can meet your needs without massive delays or production problems. At Peterson Picture Co., we offer high-volume commercial art framing for a variety of businesses. As a vertically integrated organization, we can effectively manage all stages of production, from printing and commercial framing to art curation, delivery, and installation. Being strategically located in the Midwest also means minimized delivery costs and complimentary delivery services for local destinations within a 50-mile radius.

With our commitment to excellence and efficiency, Peterson Picture Co. is your trusted ally in delivering exceptional framed art nationally for hotels, restaurants, casinos, healthcare facilities, community centers, corporate and residential buildings, and beyond.

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