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The Art of Choosing the Right Custom-Made Frame for a Healthcare Facility

One of the most important parts of running any type of healthcare facility is prioritizing the health and safety of staff, patients, and visitors. Whether you’re managing a hospital, medical office, clinic, behavioral health ward, dental clinic, or senior living residence, the focus is making your patients feel comfortable and cared for. Although this is primarily achieved through the quality of doctors and health care provided, your decor can also have an impact. To help complement your artwork without sacrificing safety, here are a few key considerations when choosing custom-made frames for your healthcare facility.

How to Determine the Best Custom Framing Options for Your Facility’s Interior Design

Different environments require different needs, but there are a few things that every healthcare facility should consider before starting their framing projects. Some of the most important things to consider include:

Evaluate Safety Needs

art selection healthcare facility consider safetyDepending on the scope of your facility, the materials and installation process might require different approaches. This is especially important for hospitals or doctors’ offices versus behavioral health wards. In behavioral health facilities, individuals may be a risk to themselves or others, so decorating needs to be handled with a safety-first approach.

Frames made of glass or breakable mirrors in patient rooms can significantly increase the risk of self-harm or harming someone else. However, this issue is avoidable when you opt for an alternative selection of materials.

One way to ensure your display cases can withstand impact without breaking into dangerous glass shards is to use frames like Plexiglass and Lexan. These materials are known for their indestructible characteristics and are widely used as an alternative to glass frames to help protect both people and art in healthcare settings. Although you might not need these materials in waiting rooms, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some health codes may even require them for public settings within your facility.

Another option is to purchase frames with no gap between the wall and the back of the frame. This provides maximum protection against removable risks. Non-removable frames can be used in any organization with digital prints, posters, and other artwork that lies flush with the wall.

Prioritize Sanitization

The risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is a major concern for guests in medical environments. Germs can easily spread, and HAIs can vary in severity based on patient health and age, so you should try to order custom frames that support cleanliness.

Antimicrobial picture frames use a type of coating that reacts with water vapor in the air to produce reactive oxygen species. Simply put, they have antimicrobial properties that help fight against viruses or pathogens that land on their surface. Although you might not think it’s rare for patients or visitors to touch the decor in a healthcare environment, it happens more than you’d think. Antimicrobial frames won’t emit healing powers, but they can help in the fight against HAIs.

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Find Easy-to-Clean Solutions

Although antimicrobial options can be convenient, they don’t mean you can forego daily cleaning. You should still require cleaners to wipe down and sanitize all of your equipment, including the parts of your interior design. This should include the surfaces, panels, and edges surrounding your pictures or art. For easy-to-clean solutions, select acrylic or metal framing.

Consider Patient Impact

Although art cannot physically heal someone, it has been shown to positively impact overall well-being. indestructible characteristics have shown that exposure to certain images can lower cortisol levels, increasing relaxation and comfort. Certain images can also contribute to a stronger mental mindset, which may play a part in healing. Creating a sense of optimism is crucial for effectively addressing your patients’ needs, so it’s worth the investment. Peterson Picture Co. uses evidence-based design to select imagery for various budgets and commercial framing projects.

Create an Aesthetic Space

Finally, choosing the right frames creates an aesthetic space in a healthcare facility. The frame serves not only as a protective enclosure for the artwork but also as a design element that complements the overall decor. By selecting frames that harmonize with the color scheme, style, and ambiance of the environment, healthcare facilities can enhance the visual appeal of their spaces. Whether opting for sleek and modern frames to convey a contemporary feel or ornate and traditional frames to evoke a sense of elegance, thoughtful consideration of choices can elevate the aesthetic quality of the space, contributing to a welcoming and visually pleasing atmosphere that promotes patient well-being.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Framing Professionals

At Peterson Picture Co., we take pride in exceeding expectations and providing appropriate art for healthcare facilities and senior-living community centers. Our specialized art consultants follow guidelines derived from scientific studies and interior design strategies to ensure that the art in your healthcare facility creates a tranquil, therapeutic, and inviting space. If you have a specific vision, we’re also happy to cater to the exact specifications outlined by our customers’ design teams.

Strategically located in the Midwest, we minimize delivery costs, and we offer complimentary delivery services for local destinations within a 50-mile radius. We can also meet tight deadlines for delivering and installing custom frames for clinics and hospital wing openings. We make it our mission to support our customers’ needs and requirements, regardless of the scope of the project.

With an experienced workforce boasting a combined 50 years of expertise, Peterson Picture Co. stands well-capitalized and ready to support large contract jobs with additional lines of credit if needed. As a classified small business with a GSA contract (47QSMA23D08Q4) valid till 2028, we uphold our commitment to excellence and reliability. Beyond framing, we extend our artistic capabilities to create custom art in various media, tailoring each piece to complement style, size, and corporate image. When you’re looking for unparalleled craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, and a partner dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, turn to Peterson Picture Co. Contact us today and experience the difference of framing with passion and precision.