Picture Frames Hanging in Home

Indestructible Frames

At the end of last year, Peterson was tasked with a unique framing opportunity which allowed us to truly explore how multifarious custom framing can be. We were asked to custom frame artwork that virtually would not be able to be removed from a wall. Challenge accepted.

This type of request is actually a lot more common than you may think. This specific niche of framing is often a request by health facilities with high risk patients. It can also be a common requirement for institutions with young, active (and grabby) children.

We began the process by assisting with the art selection. We curated a selection of beautiful and calming pieces, relevant to the namesake of the facility, “Sacred Oaks”. We then assisted with the printing process, utilizing the expertise of our in-house print team and equipment.

Unique to many framing projects, in this instance, we contacted one of our manufacturers to collaborate on a specific moulding design. The client needed a very specific style of moulding with soft, rounded edges, to minimize any risks with their patients. These super-secured frames include an internal stretcher, leaving no way to pull the frame off the wall. For glazing, a high impact resistant plexi was selected.

In total, we created 55 custom pieces and shipped them directly to California. The video below will give you an idea of the work and process.