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Exploring Different Custom Frame Styles: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Hotel Décor

Running a hotel takes a lot of work, and the devil is in the details—from hiring a full staff to choosing the linens. Although you’ve likely put some thought into your interior design, whether through strategic colors or room layouts, an often overlooked aspect of hotel décor is the frames used to house your artwork. However, the frames you choose have the potential to transform your interior and create an atmosphere that both you and your guests will love. Consider the following guide to help you find the perfect match for your hotel décor.

How Hotel Décor Impacts Your Business

hotel lobby artWalking into a luxury hotel, you’ll immediately notice something about the interior. It’s meticulously decorated to enhance the space and create a welcoming, comfortable environment. While sometimes the art can be subtle, imagine walking into a lobby to find bare, white walls. It might be a little unsettling. High-quality photos and artwork help you establish your brand and provide a memorable experience for your guests.

Quality or professional-looking art can have deep psychological impacts on your guests, just as the colors of your walls can. When people travel or away from home, many enjoy a brief escape from everyday life. They want to feel relaxed and cared for, even if they’re just away for business or a few nights. With the right pieces, framed artwork, and décor, you can create unique rooms that give customers exactly what they need while away from home.

Of course, the opposite can also occur. Dull or unprofessional-looking displays can create a feeling of uncertainty or stress, quickly resulting in bad reviews and decreased traffic. The same can be said for dingy walls or a space that hasn’t been cleaned and cared for. Finding the right framed art and a style that enhances the ambiance is essential and can have powerful effects.

How Can Custom Framing for Hotels Help?

Hotel art isn’t reserved for five-star hotels or luxury resorts. With a few strategic tips, you can transform your hotel environment regardless of budget. Some of the most impactful ways professional framing services tailored for hotels can help include:

Establish Artistic Branding

How you frame your artwork should align with your overall hotel brand and image. For example, if you have a modern space, you might choose frames with sleek, clean lines to complement and enhance your hotel. If the guest rooms are more rustic, chunkier frames with natural wood graining are a great option. Traditional spaces can use simple frames with fine detail, while coastal areas may want brighter colors. It might seem like a small detail that can be overlooked, but beautifully styled frames can leave a lasting impression and drastically improve the overall aesthetic.

Highlight Unique Photographs of the Area

When choosing your selections for an interior design project, a great option is to acquire high-quality photographs of the area and highlight your favorite ones. This allows you to support your artistic expression while displaying local pride and culture. Professional framing can help enhance these pictures in a contemporary way that elevates their aesthetics.

Add Depth to Any Print

Frames also offer a creative way to add depth and texture to your collection. Visually, frames help strengthen the focal point of art, which draws attention and increases the likelihood of positive experiences. In the hospitality industry, a positive guest experience leads to positive reviews, which helps your business grow and profit over the years. Our giclee printing services can reproduce artwork with stunning clarity and precision, enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

Add Class and Elegance to the Atmosphere

room hotel artWhether your paintings are from a designer or not, adding a high-quality frame is a great way to make them even more appealing. A frame can even add a higher perceived value to the paintings or prints, adding a sense of class or elegance to your hotel. This, in turn, has the potential to attract guests who are willing to pay a little more for a comfortable room.

Create a Unified Collection

Often, hotels showcase several pieces that are part of a bigger collection. This is a great way to support your brand and create a familiar, welcoming environment. By adding custom frames, you can help unify the collection even more. Whether displaying abstract paintings in the lobby or a collection of photographs from a local artist, choosing the right frame for the material can help you take things to the next level.

Protect Your Investments

Many hotels invest in their artwork, as they understand the importance of guest experience. Paintings and pictures can get ripped, torn, and damaged without a frame. Professional framing services help protect your investments from dust, humidity, and UV light while giving them the support they need to hold their shape. This way, you and your guests can continue to enjoy your artwork for years.

Partner with an Experienced Frame Specialist Today

At Peterson Picture Co., we take pride in our ability to surpass expectations and cater to the exact specifications outlined by our customers’ design teams. Our proficiency in volume production methods not only ensures cost savings but also allows us to meet the most demanding delivery and installation requirements of various industries. Strategically located in the Midwest, we minimize delivery costs, and for local destinations within a 50-mile radius, we offer complimentary delivery services.

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