A gallery art wall features several pieces placed all over a blue-painted wall. Each art piece has a different style and color frame.

The Launch of Gallery 2720

On November 18, we hosted a [pretty good] party as we launched our in-house art gallery! UNDERWATER is a collection of 29 works by 10 local artists, currently on display at Peterson Picture Co. This holiday season and thru early 2023, we are celebrating local artists the best way we know how, by custom framing their esteemed work.

Experienced Peterson professionals and curator Kiss The Brain were entrusted by 10 local artists in selecting frames and matting for each individual piece. Artists saw their works framed for the first time last on our opening night. Guests were able to tour our production facility and we are grateful for the new neighbors and industry professionals we connected with during the event.

We welcome you to check out these custom-framed works! All artwork is for sale and would make excellent holiday gifts. Our price list for this collection can be viewed here. To learn more about this group of Chicago Artists and their work, please click here for a comprehensive list.

Would you like a virtual tour of this collection? Please reach out to amanda@peterson-picture.com to arrange a video-chat!

In addition to beautiful work for sale, this current selection serves as an inspiration wall to those looking to learn more about custom framing and become inspired by the possibilities. This collection made use of various techniques and a wide variety of mats, frames, glazing and embellishments.

To view these pieces, please stop by Peterson Picture’s Gallery 2720 at 2720 W. Belmont Ave during our hours of operation. We are on-site Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm and on Saturday from 12-4.